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The Business Builder: Plan, Develop & Build a "7" Figure Trade Business


So let me tell you a bit about my story…


I started my first trades business when I was only 18 years old, I was a painter & decorator by trade. I quickly scaled my business to 6 figures. Although the cash flow was good and things seemed to be going to plan, the direction of my business started to change for the worse and just 2 years after starting my business failed and I closed down my company.


I couldn’t be more grateful that happened because that initial point of failure took me on a journey which has transformed me into a serial entrepreneur with multiple 7 FIGURE BUSINESS’S. I lost millions of pounds on this journey but acquired knowledge worth BILLIONS... The best part is I’ve packaged my entire journey into a book and I call it THE BUSINESS BUILDER. You’re reading it right now, In this book I’ll teach you the secrets to building a sustainable 7 figure trades business, It’s not what you think and chances are your competition doesn’t know anything about what I’m about to show you.

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